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Vienna Calling

 Vienna Calling Let's set the tone of our trip to Vienna by listening to a very famous Austrian artist, Falco!  Falco rose to fame in the 80's but unfortunately passed away in '98.  Regardless, he is still well known in the German speaking world, and even in the United States!  Two of his most famous songs include Rock Me Amadeus and Der Kommissar.    With this information in mind, here is Vienna Calling! Friday, July 8th - Our Final Farewells As stated in the last post, it is truly unbelievable how fast the program has gone.  This morning we said our teary goodbyes to our host families and boarded our bus to Vienna.  I have been to quite a few host family farewells, and this one had the most tears shed by far.  Not only were our kiddos crying, but our host parents and siblings were as well.  We work hard to make sure that the students are placed with host families that are similar to them in nature, and I am so happy to see how well our placements worked out this year. Vi

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